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Podróże grupowe
Podróże grupowe

New perspective

From October 2021, as Sunrise Holidays we have included therapeutic and development workshops "Into The Unknown..." in our offer. See this short report saturated with the sun, spanish air, the smell of the sea and the essence of the mountains. This is the beginning of a cyclical 3-stage project that is permanently included in our offer.



#IntoTheUnknown #WayWithoutReturn


How do you feel when you are at a point in your life where you are aware that you cannot turn back? What emotions are flowing through you? What do you feel when you look back into the past that led you to this moment? What thoughts are going through your mind? Do you want to withdraw, turn back, run away, or maybe you are waiting impatiently for what will happen? Do you feel paralyzing anxiety? Or maybe a sensual curiosity? You are at the moment of choice, decision - you stand firm, take a deep breath, smile at yourself and boldly enter your own life... INTO THE UNKNOWN ... Remember that there are only changes in life...


"Into The Unknown" is a micro therapeutic workshop implemented according to the concept of experiencing during a journey, both physical and internal. Working with emotions, beliefs and perceptual programs accompanies adventure, discovery and wandering. We experience every moment of communing together, regardless of whether it is work in a circle, exercises, conversations or joint preparation of meals - every moment of the workshop and everything that occurs during it have a therapeutic meaning. In this process, we learn to distinguish between what is mine, authentic, and what is intrafted, "swallowed", taken over, but without "chewing well" and "digesting"...


And what does the workshop look like in practice? We work in nature, often on the beach. The conditions in Spain always allow for other activities such as mountain hiking (there are many trails). We organize motor yacht cruises and, for those who appreciate the silence by the sails, a beautiful catamaran.

We sail to the islands to choose a beach that becomes a scene of psychodrama experiences, we prepare and eat meals together... and experience!

Just come to Spain and step into the unknown, on a path from which there is no return...

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